Nymy To

We are more than ideas or products, we are love and art, captured in an original gift for always be present.


What does Nymy To mean?

Nymy To is a name composed of two words of indigenous Chibcha or Muisca origin in the extinct Muysc Cubun language that was spoken of the central Colombian territory.  

Nymy: was used to refer in general to felines, among which the wild cat was abundant. 

To: was used to refer to dogs.    

Being faithful to our origins we pay homage to our culture, our ancestors, and our animals that have always been with us.  

Who am I?

A brand created by a Colombian dreamer, professional in communication and journalism, specialized in communications for companies who at a very early age felt the call of love and charm for animals. Throughout the years, pets have been my passion and my inspiration to create. Parcerito (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel), Bigotes Alonso (Schnauzer), and Teddy (Pomeranian) came into my life and pushed me to go beyond the limits of knowledge and guided by the unconditional love of my pets, Nymy To borns in New York City, a brand for pets and their owners whose purpose is to bring originality and happiness everywhere. 


Our Services


Ask us about what you can give as a gift on a special date to a furry friend, what is the right outfit for you or your pet in every important event, how you can decorate your pet’s space for a special date (birthday, parties, etc.) or simply at home.  

Customized products

We have gifts created by Nymy To,  take them with you everywhere you go or just to give a little piece of happiness to a special friend, a family member, a furry friend. Among these,  we have bottle lamps, bandanas, pillows, table centerpieces.  

Angelic Numerology

Let the numbers tell us the characteristics of their personality, their main color, and many other details that will help you to give the perfect harmony to your pet’s life at home. 


Show off and let everyone notice you and your pet. We design and elaborate original costumes for special events.  We assure you will not go unnoticed. 

Angelic Numerology

Angelic Numerology is not about magic or sorcery, it is about the basic laws of the universe that are governed by numbers and their astral equivalent, using tools such as the alphanumeric table and the intervention of the so-called Angels who are living representations of energy that manifest through numbers (messages) and colors in every living being.  

We all have energetic vibrations and it is through the numbers that we can decipher them and uses them with some benefit.  The more specific data you have to make the numerology more accurate can be the reading of your personality, your characteristics, and habits because each of the numbers obtained leads to an astrological equivalent. As we can also notice some messages that we want to give us through the numbers and the Angels do their part as messengers.    


The star in your life is the star of the show, make it light own, wherever and every place you go with a pretty  design by  
Nymy To. 

I'm original, I'm happy

Custom Products

Give a little piece of your heart and their little tail will wag to the sound of love. We send the United States and Colombia. Ask for yours.

The Light of My Soul

You were just a soft fur and a wet little nose, you were just four mischievous paws playing around the room, you were just round little eyes making passers-by smile through a glass, but, that just started to grow inside my heart and now it´s so immense that it reaches with its love the limits of the sky, touches the stars and the firmament becoming the light of my soul.

I simply love you Bigotes Alonso. 

Photo Schnauzer (Bigotes Alonso)


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